Interactive map

This interactive map from the Guardian shows just how much of the Themes Estuary is covered by Special Protection Areas status and Special Areas of Conservation status, not to mention the local nature reserves that will be damaged if any Airport development proceeds.

Boris’s argument that the birds will just go elsewhere shows that he is more of a bird brain than the birds themselves. The birds go to this habitat because this is the habitat they have evolved to survive and thrive in. Take away that habitat and the birds will simply not breed and survive in that area, they will die out, in much the same way that if you take a half witted buffoon out of the privileged political environment of city hall and place them down in the real world they will not be able to survive. IT’S EVOLUTION BORIS!

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Public Meeting Essex

A public meeting is being organised in Essex on Friday 10 February at 7.45pm to discuss opposition to any Themes Estuary airport. There will be speakers will be from the RSPB, local MEPs and councillors the local fishing community and hopefully local MP David Amess. Go along to Leigh Centre, Elm Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 1SP to make your voice heard.

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Don’t Flybe

Although most within the aviation industry think Boris Island is a bad idea on the 18th of January Jim French the chairman and chief executive officer Of Flybe has come out infavour of the plans. You can read the statement on the Flybe website here and then compare it to Flybe’s corporate statement on sustainability Not quite sure how you square that one Jim. So if your booking your summer holidays at the moment and are going to fly Don’t Flybe.

The following is the transcript of the statement just incase it should disappear from their website.

18 January 2012


Flybe’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jim French comments:

“Flybe supports any infrastructure investment that improves connectivity for the British travelling public and will respond to the proposed formal consultation in detail.

As Europe’s largest regional airline, specialising in serving the needs of regional communities, Flybe supports completely the government’s commitment to re-balancing the economy away from the South East. Flybe believes strongly that any new airport must be a national resource, guaranteeing access for all UK regions to an international hub, thereby maximising the economic potential of the whole of the UK (currently only 7 of the 26 UK airports have connectivity to Heathrow).

The rest of Europe understands the critical need for a major international hub airport which is vital to the long term economic development of their country. And given the enormous long term potential for tourism from the new emerging economies around the world, the UK must ensure it has the long term capability to serve this demand. Tourism is one of our major industries which benefits the whole UK economy.

Whatever the solution is to providing additional runway capacity in the South East of England, it must not add to the already congested skies over London. Therefore we believe that it is entirely appropriate for the Government to look at all alternative scenarios including a new location for a National Intercontinental Hub Airport which meets the long term needs of the UK.

The alternative of building a new national airport in another part of the country,   away from the South East, is simply not feasible: just look at the location of every major hub around the world, it is situated adjacent to the major population centre and, in the UK, this is London.

It is also important that we acknowledge that every major hub in Europe has a minimum of four runways and anything less than this is a compromise on our long term potential.

So, given the scarce land resource combined with the dense populations in the South East, it seems entirely appropriate that we consider extending our land space through developing an airport in the Thames Estuary.”

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Government U Turn

With all parties having ruled out the idea of Boris Island (Themes Estuary Airport) before the 2009 election the government has done a massive U turn and has announced it is seriously considering the idea. In fact they are considering the idea to such a point that they intend to include the proposals in a consultation on UK aviation that is to take place in the spring (rest assured all information on how to take part will be posted here as soon as we know the details). This announcement lends a huge amount of weight to the supporters of Boris Island and makes the task of opposing the plans a lot more difficult. having said that it is not impossible if there is enough opposition. Thankfully a group of conservative MP’s are opposing the plans

Tracy Crouch – Chatham
Mark Reckless – Rochester & Strood
Rehman Chishti – Gillingham & Rainham
Gordon Henderson – Sittingbourne & Sheppy
Adam Holloway – Gravesham
Gareth Johnson – Dartford

have writen a letter to PM David Cameron, who is known to be a supporter of his old mate Boris’s plans for an airport,  pointing out the opposition to the planed airport by both public and the industry. Unfortunately the four other north Kent constituency MP’s

Hugh Robertson – Faversham & Mid Kent
Julian Brazier – Canterbury
Roger Gale – Thanet North
Laura Sandys – Thanet South

and the five Essex MP’s

Jackie Doyle-Price – Thurrock
Stephen Metcalfe – Basildon South & Thurrock East
Rebecca Harris – Castle Point
David Amess – Southend West
James Duddridge – Rochford & Southend East

that bound the Themes Estuary have been quiet on the subject so why not write to them if you live in their constituency and ask them what they’re up to. If you live in the constituency of those MP’s that are opposing the plans why not drop them a line letting them know you support their stance on this issue, a bit of bolstering may help keep them on side against mounting opposition from their own party

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London Is Coming

I admit to have being rather slack about the whole Boris Island thing since my initial post. Basically I became very busy with other things, I had IT and hard drive failures and living here in Kent where we haven’t heard much about any plans for Boris Island it it’s easy to think that the whole idea had gone off the boil. This is most definitely not the case, in fact the whole issue has now moved up a notch and is gaining momentum. if we are not careful Boris Island will have been built and we will not even have had a chance to voice our opposition. What makes you think this is back on the agenda I hear you metaphorically ask? Well it has never really been off the agenda. Although we in Kent and Essex never hear about them there are a continuous stream of conferences and forums taking place in London regarding the regeneration of East London, the Olympic boroughs and the now defunct Thames Gateway. These events are attended by councilors, developers, large businesses and the representatives of innumerable local and national government quangos all of whom have a vested interest in large scale redevelopments. It is rarely the case that one of these events passes without a member of the Mayor of London’s office, if not the Mayor himself, attending and saying how they want to move the idea of a Thames Estuary Airport into being a main stay of the redevelopment of East London. Only last week, 24/11/11, Sir Edward Lister, Mayor’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Planning – salary £127,784 from the public purse, speaking at the “East London Summit” said “London is moving eastwards and the estuary airport is central to our plans”. With this sort of drip drip effect, not to mention the hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds that have already been spent by developers, architects and the like in drawing up plans, visualisations and feasibility studies, Boris Island is likely to become a self fulfilling prophesy if we do not start to take action against it now.


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Boris advertises his vews on BBC Today Program

Boris today published his report “The Thames Estuary An Integrated Approach” which has been produced by the “Thames Estuary Steering Group”. He duly turned up on the BBC radio 4 Today program at 8:38 this morning and presented a five and a half minute advertisement for his proposals. Despite the plethora of opponents to the plans the BBC failed to provide anybody to counter Boris’s plans. All sorts of spurious figures were put forward by Boris regarding the need to build the airport none of which were challenged by the programs presenter (James Naughtie) who seamed to accept that nobody living in Whitstable, Southend, Isle of Sheppy or the Isle of Grain would be inconvenienced by a six runway airport operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This you would think would represent Biased reporting but apparently not according to the BBC. You can listen to the interview here, e-mail the today program at this address to complain about the biased reporting or phone the BBC on this complaints line number 03700 100 222.

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