We Must REMAIN Vigilant To The Threat

There can be no doubt that the single biggest threat to the iconic North Kent Marshes at present comes from a vote to leave the EU. A vote for brexit would almost certainly lead to a power struggle within the conservative party and, as most commentators think, result in Boris Johnson seizing power as the unelected Prime Minister of the UK. Although the Howard commission came down firmly in favour of a third runway at Heathrow over Boris’s proposal for a £80 billion Estuary Airport (10 x the UK annual contribution to the EU) the matter was kicked into the long grass by the government and the proposals were never implemented. Should Boris steal power after the referendum the way would be open for him to sweep aside the findings of the Howard commission (if he doesn’t listen to the views of experts regarding EU membership he’s not going to listen to them about his pet project and legacy that is Boris Island) and start pushing through legislation for the construction of the new four runway airport in North Kent. There would effectively be nothing to stop the plans being pushed through. With EU legislation on environmental protection and levels of pollution out of the way Boris, as Prime Minister, could force through just about any change to the UK law that he required to facilitate the construction of his vanity project. All the while those who’s lives stand to be blighted by the 24 hour aircraft noise, pollution and destruction of some of England’s finest wetlands, would have no option but to stand by and see their taxes being poured into the miles of concrete and tarmac that would desecrate this awe inspiring part of the Garden of England. At the same time they would have to do so impotent in the knowledge that they are without recourse to any form of justice other then the British courts. Courts that have no boundaries other than those imposed by the very government that seeks to destroy their traditional Kentish way of life. If you value this part of England and the unique place it holds in the European landscape you must vote to Remain part of the EU on the 23rd of June.

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