Boris is Back

Boris Johnson returned to the house of commons in the election last Thursday and in his acceptance speech immediately vowed to fight a third runway at Heathrow. Although he has been fairly quiet on the subject since the Airports Commission rejected the idea of an estuary airport Boris is known to still be in favour of such an airport. The Airports Commission is due to deliver it’s final report on the subject this summer, but this report is not legally binding on the government and could easily be buried and forgotten about in the clamour that is likely to surround the forthcoming EU referendum. With David Cameron expected to resign after that referendum, probably in 2018, this could easily pave the way for Boris, who Cameron anointed as a potential successor in March, to walk unelected into No.10.
Johnson is expected to take on a minor cabinet role until the election for Mayor of London in 2016. It is not explained how Boris can effectively fulfil both of the full time roles of Mayor of London and constituency MP, not to mention his writings for various publications, but apparently the highly paid and privileged are capable of taking on several jobs concurrently while the rest of us must devote our labours exclusively to one master. With the role of Mayor of London out of the way in 2016 it is expected that Boris will take on a more heavy weight cabinet role with a likely infrastructure (like airports) base.
Whatever Johnson’s route to No.10 one thing you can be sure of is that the idea of an estuary airport is not going to remain dead and buried and is ready to rise zombie like to devour the tranquillity of North Kent.

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