The BBC Does It Again

Once again the BBC has given Boris Johnson free range to air his views virtually unchallenged. On Newsnight on the 28th May 2012 Boris was given a slot of approximately 10 minutes to promote his views on the construction of a Thames estuary airport. Once again during the “Interview” the views of Boris went almost completely unchallenged other than when it was pointed out that a new Estuary airport was out side of his area of his Mayoral authority (or any of his voters) to which his reply was that “there are few human beings living there”. The BBC nationally must really take responsibility for is actions on this subject and not just follow the usual London-centric line.


Make your voice heard to the BBC and make a complaint about this ongoing biased reporting of this issue:


Complain Online at:


By Phone on:
03700 100 222 (24 hours, charged as 01/02 geographic numbers)


By Post at:
BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922


Make sure you demand a response to your complaint, and when that is not satisfactory (as it most certainly won’ t be and will probably receive a response like this “We wanted to explore how Boris Johnson planned to reconcile the competing demands of local residents,the environment,airlines and business travellers.I don’t accept that the Mayor’s replies went unchallenged-” ”There was limited time for this interview so it wasn’t possible to cover every aspect of the story but I’m sure it’s something we shall return to as the plans develop.“ as was received in response to previous complaints about reporting on the Today program) move on to stage 2 of the complaints procedure as outlined at it is not until you have got to stage 3 of the complaints process and are dealing with the BBC Trust that your complaint will be taken seriously so stick with it.

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